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  Overview information

Dialect divisions
Irish English phonology
Overview of Dublin English

Profiling Dublin English

Glossary of terms

  Detailed list of themes

The history of Irish English

The phonology of Irish English

Lenition in Irish English

Profiling Dublin English

Sound shifts of the 1990s

Most Recent changes

The role of the media in the spread of change

General linguistic issues

Comparing Dublin English and other cities

The relevance of Irish English to variety studies

Change in the last 20 years
Sound shifts of the 1990s
Most recent changes

Views and opinions
Dialect perception
Relevance of Irish English

Parallels and influences
British and American English
Dublin and London
English in Ulster
Belfast English
Derry English

Processes and issues
Lenition in Irish English
Hypercorrection (historical)
Hypercorrection (present-day)
Implicational scales
Gender issues
The edge and the centre
Diffusion and the media

Data collection
Recording Dublin English
Text passages
All sound files

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Irish English Resource Centre
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Dublin English (book)
Dublin English (articles)
Sound Atlas of Irish English
Irish English (book)
Irish English (articles)
Source Book of Irish English
Other books on Irish English

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