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  Installing Corpus Presenter

If you are upgrading to Version 2022 of Corpus Presenter from this website, follow the instructions in the downloads section of this website.

Installing Corpus Presenter is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Installing from the CD-ROM of the book

Note. The following information is about the legacy version of Corpus Presenter supplied on the CD-ROM accompanying the book. To avail of the latest options of the program please download Version 2022 from this website and install it on your computer.

The Corpus Presenter suite is installed, like any other Windows software, by starting the program setup.exe which is on the CD-ROM going with the book. Once this loads the computer screen will look like the following.

There are three steps here:

(1) Click on the button Install Corpus Presenter data files

Data files are copied from CD to the directory on your hard disk where Corpus Presenter will be installed (this will in all probability be “C:\Program Files\Corpus Presenter”)

+(2) Click on the button Copy supplied Corpus of Irish English

A Corpus of Irish English will be copied to your hard disk. This is optional. Go straight to step (3) if you do not want it installed.

(3) Click on the button Exit this level to copy remaining files. This leads to the following screen:

The remaining Windows files are installed to disk. The setup program may also ask you to confirm keeping a version of a file on your computer which is more recent than than the one being copied. Accept the suggestion and proceed. If while the system files are being copied Windows issues the message about an Access Violation Error, always choose Ignore (this message usually comes if some other program is currently loaded).

When the setup procedure is finished you will have an entry Corpus Presenter in the Programs list which you activate by clicking on the Start button in the bottom left corner of the Windows Desktop. Clicking on this will start the program Corpus Presenter. You will also have a folder on the Windows Desktop containing icons for every program of the group. Here you may choose the Program Launcher from which you can load the other programs of the suite.