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Corpus Presenter – Software for Examining Text Corpora

   Download Version 2024

(if you download the installation file from the above link, make sure you start it via a right-button mouse click using the option "Run as administrator" – this is necessary to ensure that all components are properly installed on your computer)

The program suite Corpus Presenter was first published as a book with a CD in 2003 by John Benjamins (see their website) along with A Corpus of Irish English as material to practise text examination. In the more than twenty years since then the programs have been expanded considerably. The present version (2024) is simple to install and can be run by a single click on a desktop icon. The main program allows you to carry out various searches straight away on any textual data you might have access to (as files on your computer, your own or downloaded from another source). Files can be shown as branches of a tree on the screen and search results can be exported easily to common formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, which can then be used for statistical analysis and incorporated into your published research.

The following table contains links to text files explaining the precise functioning of various parts of Corpus Presenter.

What is Corpus Presenter? Installing the software How it works Getting started
Quick searches Advanced searches Compiling a corpus The program suite
Versions The book Frequently asked questions Key terms
Downloads Related projects A Corpus of Irish English References

To orient yourself in the program suite you can also consult the

Raymond Hickey
April 2024