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Site Map for Studying Varieties of English

Introduction Overviews Divisions Developments
Timelines Glossary Gallery Maps
References Sources Themes History

You can access the various sections of this website in any of three ways. Firstly, by moving the mouse cursor to a branch of the tree and then choosing a node in this branch which will lead to a text being displayed on the right. Secondly, by consulting the Themes module (previous option in the current branch). Thirdly, by clicking on any of the links in the following structure. This will lead to the particular section being loaded. You can then return to your starting point by clicking on a branch or a node in the tree on the left. To return to this sitemap, just click on the node Sitemap in the tree on the left.

Introduction — general orientation in varieties of English

  1. About this website
  2. Research trends
  3. Technical help

Overviews — general descriptions of varieties of English

  1. Questions of terminology
  2. Accents of English
  3. Sounds of English

Divisions — geographical distribution of varieties of English

  1. Spread of English
  2. Varieties of English
  3. Divisions by location

Developments — scenarios and language change with varieties of English

  1. Developments overseas
  2. New dialect formation
  3. English in a global context
  4. Varieties by type
  5. Non-standard features

Timelines — summaries of events in the spread of English

  1. English in England
  2. English overseas

Glossary — a comprehensive list of linguistic terms

  1. Terms for varieties of English

Gallery — some important figures for studying varieties of English

  1. Researchers and writers
  2. Portraits of figures

Maps — maps of the English-speaking world

  1. Historical maps
  2. Early cartography

References — references for varieties of English

  1. Sets of references
  2. References guide (PDF file)

Sources — Websites and sources for varieties of English

  1. Sources for varieties of English
  2. Studying the History of English
  3. Irish English Resource Centre

Search — Search the website for contents

  1. Goto list of themes

History — information on the history of English

  1. Companion website Studying the History of English