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   The Spread of English

Spread of English AAE Diaspora
Hemisphere division South Africa
United States SouthAfricanIndianEnglish, 1
Canada SouthAfricanIndianEnglish, 2
Newfoundland To Australia / New Zealand
Spread of Irish English New Zealand
To North America Australia
To Newfoundland Irish to Australia
To the Caribbean New Englishes regions
Samana peninsula New Englishes, Africa
Miskito coast New Englishes, South Asia
Colonial slave trade New Englishes, South-East Asia
Trade triangle Pidgins and creoles
West Africa Pacific Ocean

Transportation routes


Division of English by hemisphere


United States






Spread of Irish English


To North America


To Newfoundland


To the Caribbean


Samana peninsula


Miskito coast


Colonial slave trade


Trade triangle


West Africa


AAE Diaspora


South Africa


South African Indian English, 1


SouthAfricanIndianEnglish, 2


To Australia / New Zealand


New Zealand




Irish to Australia


New Englishes regions


New Englishes, Africa


New Englishes, South Asia


New Englishes, South-East Asia


Pidgins and creoles