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Researching Northern English

Raymond Hickey

Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 483 pages.

The current volume seeks to bring together the leading researchers on varieties of English from the North of England. This field has been the subject of intensive scrutiny during recent years and there have been a number of Northern Englishes workshops reflecting this activity. A number of themes recur in the chapters of the volume, providing it with a clear focus, e.g. the definition of the North of England vis à vis both Scotland and the South of England, the development of specifically urban varieties within the North, the sociolinguistic attitudes and behaviour of present-day speakers within the North, especially with regard to innovations emanating from the South of England as well as the issue of the enregisterment of specific featues from the North of England.


The North of England and Northern English
    Raymond Hickey

I. The North of England: Language and Culture

The enregisterment of Northern English
    Joan C. Beal and Paul Cooper

The Great Vowel Shift in Northern England
    Hilary Prichard

Morphosyntactic features of Northern English
    Isabelle Buchstaller and Karen P. Corrigan

Northern English: historical present indicative morphosyntax
    Julia Fernández Cuesta

Northern English: historical lexis and spelling
    Javier Ruano-García, Pilar Sánchez-García and Maria F. Garcia-Bermejo Giner

II. Locations within the North: Variation and Change

    Adam Mearns

    Lourdes Burbano-Elizondo

Carlisle and Cumbria
    Sandra Jansen

    Katie Finnegan

    Carmen Llamas

    William Barras

    Maciej Baranowski and Danielle Turton

The Merseyside/Lancashire border
    Helen Faye West

II. The North: Transitions and Borders

Borders and boundaries in the North of England
    Chris Montgomery

The East Midlands: Nottingham
    Natalie Braber and Nicholas Flynn

The West Midlands
    Esther Asprey

Between North and South: The Fenland
    David Britain

The north above the North: Scotland and Northern English
    Warren Maguire

Non-native Northern English
    Rob Drummond