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Legacies of Colonial English. Studies in Transported Dialects

Raymond Hickey

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 712 pages.

The main concern of this volumes is to offer a re-assessment of dialect input in the formation of extraterritorial varieties of English in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. It begins with a consideration of the development of English in the British Isles with a review of key features from regional Britain, Scotland and Ireland which appear in more or less altered form at anglophone locations outside of Britain. There follow sections on the New World (9 chapters on Canada, the United States, the Caribbean). Further chapters consider the Southern Hemisphere (6 chapters on South Africa, the Southern Atlantic, Australia/New Zealand and Melanesia) in which various issues from the area of transported dialects are discussed by different authors. There is also contains a comprehensive review of New Englishes in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong by the editor.


Raymond Hickey

I Out of Britain

1) Dialects of English and their transportation
    Raymond Hickey

2) Scots and Scottish English
    Caroline Macafee

3) Development and diffusion of Irish English
    Raymond Hickey

II The New World

4) The emergence of American English. Evidence from 17th-century records in New England
    Merja Kytö

5) The language of transported Londoners. Third person singular present tense markers in depositions from Virginia and the Bermudas (1607 - 1624)
    Laura Wright

6) Remnant dialects in the coastal United States
    Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes

7) Back to the present. Verbal -s in the (African American) English diaspora
    Shana Poplack and Sali Tagliamonte

8) 'Canadian Dainty'. The rise and decline of Briticisms in Canada
    J. K. Chambers

9) The legacy of British and Irish English in Newfoundland
    Sandra Clarke

10) The English dialect heritage of the Southern United States
     Edgar W. Schneider

11) Solving Kurath's puzzle. Establishing the antecedents of the American Midland dialect region
     Michael Montgomery

12) English dialect input to the Caribbean
     Raymond Hickey

III The Southern Hemisphere

13) South African English
     Roger Lass

14) English transported to the South Atlantic Ocean: Tristan da Cunha
     Daniel Schreier

15) English on the Falklands
     Andrea Sudbury

16) English input to Australia
     Scott F. Kiesling

17) English input to New Zealand
     Elizabeth Gordon and Peter Trudgill

18) English input to the English-lexicon pidgins and creoles of the Pacific
     Suzanne Romaine

IV English in Asia

19) Englishes in Asia and Africa. Origin and structure
     Raymond Hickey

20) South Asian Englishes
     Raymond Hickey

21) South-East Asian Englishes
     Raymond Hickey

V Appendixes

22) Checklist of nonstandard features
     Raymond Hickey

23) Timeline for varieties of English
     Raymond Hickey

24) Maps of anglophone locations
     Raymond Hickey

25) General references
     Raymond Hickey

26) Glossary of terms
     Raymond Hickey