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English in the German-Speaking World

Raymond Hickey

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 414 pages.

The chapters of this volume are intended to offer a representative cross section of current research on the languages of Ireland, specifically Irish and English with Ulster Scots a significant addition to the latter. The chapters span a considerable range. Those dealing with Irish concern themselves with the history of the language and the classification of Irish, with the acquisition of Irish as a first language and with the syntactic and lexical structure of present-day Irish. The chapters with English as their focus encompass matters such as the use of limited databases for linguistic analysis, questions of language contact, the comparison of Irish English with other varieties, the issue of standard Irish English and the position of Ulster Scots in present-day Ireland.


Raymond Hickey (Essen)

I The status of English

English in the German-speaking world: an inevitable presence
1. Christian Mair

English in Germany and the European context
2. Sandra Mollin

English in the former German Democratic Republic
3. Göran Wolf

II The transmission of English

The history of English instruction in the German-speaking world
4. Friederike Klippel

English language (teacher) education in Germany after 1945
5. Sabine Doff

Supporting English medium instruction at German institutions of higher education
6. Susanne Göpferich, Ina Alexandra Machura and Janine Murphy

III Domains and features of English

Anglophone practices in Berlin: from historical evidence to transnational communities
7. Theresa Heyd and Britta Schneider

English in the German-Speaking World: Immigration and Integration
8. Janet M. Fuller

Processes of language contact in English influence on German
9. Alexander Onysko

Persistent features in the English of German speakers
10. Raymond Hickey

Compiling a speech corpus of German English: An analysis of variation in the use of rhoticity and the bath vowel
11. Sandra Jansen and Christian Langstrof

A question of direction: German influence on English
12. Julia Schultz

IV Beyond Germany

Varieties of English in the Netherlands and Germany
13. Alison Edwards and Robert Fuchs

English in Austria: policies and practices
14. Ute Smit and Marlene Schwarz

English in Switzerland
15. Simone Pfenninger and Richard Watts

English and German in Namibia
16. Sarah Buschfeld and Anne Schröder

English in German-Speaking Wisconsin and the Aftermath
17. Joseph Salmons and Miranda E. Wilkerson

The English 'infusion' in Pennsylvania German
18. Mark Louden