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Dictionary of Varieties of English

Raymond Hickey

Malden, MA: Wiley- Blackwell, xxviii + 456 pages.

The current dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of forms of English from recent history (since the beginning of the colonial period, c 1600) and from all anglophone locations throughout the world. The latter group includes varieties of English as a native language (spoken by descendants of settlers who emigrated from the British Isles) and as a second language in countries which generally were former colonies of England, e.g. many states in South and South-East Asia as well as parts of Africa. The historic dimension covers developments in England and the rise of early settler varieties, for instance in North America (in the later USA and Canada) and in the Caribbean, dating back to the early seventeenth century. The study of varieties of English includes various soiolingjuistic perspectives, especially in urban settings. The development of English, triggered by factors such as class, network affiliation, ethnic grouping, is reflected in the coverage of the present dictionary. Apart from over 2,000 definitions the dictionary has both an introduction presenting trends and traditions in the field and a comprehensive, structured bibliography pointing the way for further study.


Dictionary A - Z


1 Lexical sets
    1.1 Extensions for vowels
    1.2 Consonants

2 Guide to phonetic symbols

3 IPA and American transcription