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Areal Features of the Anglophone World

Raymond Hickey

Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton, 503 pages.

The intention of the present volume is to unite the research of a range of scholars who have been working on features of non-standard, vernacular English which show an areal distribution, i.e. which cluster geographically across the world. Features common to an area can be due to (i) shared dialect input, (ii) common but separate innovations after settlement, or (iii) area-internal diffusion from one variety to another and/or others. The relative weighting of these factors is an important topic in the book and is a key focus in the 17 chapters. The book is divided into two large blocks, the first one consisting of case studies (8 chapters) and the second with features complexes (9 chapters). The former look at major anglophone locations from an areal perspective while the latter examine linguistic categories and features with a few to determine whether these could be areally based or not.


Areal features of the anglophone world
    Raymond Hickey

I. Case Studies

English in England
    David Britain

English and Scots in Scotland
    Warren Maguire

English in Ireland
    Raymond Hickey

English in the United States
    Matthew J. Gordon

English varieties in the Caribbean
    Jeffrey P. Williams

English in Africa
    Thorsten Brato and Magnus Huber

English in Asia
    Umberto Ansaldo and Lisa Lim

Shared features in New Englishes
    Devyani Sharma

English in Australia and New Zealand
    Pam Peters and Kate Burridge

II. Feature complexes

Global features of English vernaculars
    J. K. Chambers

Phonological inventories
    Daniel Schreier

Negation in varieties of English
    Lieselotte Anderwald

Tense and aspect
    Kerstin Lunkenheimer

Verbal concord
    Lukas Pietsch

Pronominal systems
    Susanne Wagner

Reflexive and intensive self-forms
    Peter Siemund, Georg Maier and Martin Schweinberger

    Stephan E. Gramley

    Klaus P. Schneider

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