Sounds of English Worldwide


Sounds of English Worldwide   (Wiley-Blackwell, 2023)

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Table of Contents

I Language and variation

1 Studying variation in sound
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The view from the sound system
1.3 Standards, supraregional varieties and vernaculars
1.4 Research trends in variety studies
1.5 Data sources and analysis

2 The sound system of English
2.1 Phonetics and phonology
2.2 Vowels
2.3 Consonants
2.4 Prosody

3 Sound change in English
3.1 Analysing change
3.2 Trends in present-day varieties

II The Spread of English

1 The colonial period

2 Transported dialect features
2.1 Early stages and their effects
2.2 Language contact
2.3 Language shift
2.4 Relic areas and endangered varieties
2.5 Loss of transported features

3 English in the world today
3.1 The two hemispheres
3.2 Major anglophone areas
3.3 Dialects and standards
3.4 Regional epicentres

III Regions and Countries

1 England
1.1 Standard Southern British English¥
1.2 London and the Home Counties
1.3 The South and South-West
1.4 East Anglia
1.5 The Midlands - East and West
1.6 The North - Lower, Central and Far North

2 The Celtic Regions
2.1 Scotland
2.2 Wales
2.3 Ireland
2.4 Isle of Man

3 Europe
3.1 Channel Islands
3.2 Gibraltar
3.3 Malta

4 North America
4.1 United States
4.2 Canada

5 The Caribbean
5.1 Caribbean creoles
5.2 Eastern Caribbean
5.3 Western Caribbean
5.4 Caribbean Rim

6 Africa
6.1 West Africa
6.2 East Africa
6.3 Southern Africa

7 The South Atlantic
7.1 St Helena
7.2 Tristan da Cunha
7.3 The Falkland Islands

8 Asia
8.1 South Asia
8.2 South-East Asia
8.3 East Asia

9 Australasia
9.1 Australia
9.2 New Zealand

10 The Pacific region
10.1 Polynesia
10.2 Melanesia
10.3 Micronesia
10.4 Ogasawara Islands

11 Pidgins and creoles
11.1 English-lexifier pidgins and creoles
11.2 Creoles: theories of origin
11.3 The sound systems of pidgins and creoles

12 World Englishes and second-language varieties
12.1 Foreign language pronunciations

Appendix A Timeline for varieties of English
Appendix B The History of English
   B.1 Old English (450-1066)
   B.2 Middle English (1066-1500)
   B.3 Early Modern English (1500-1700)
   B.4 Late Modern English (1700- 1900)
   B.5 Recommended reading
Appendix C Transcription conventions
Appendix D Lexical sets and extensions
Linguistic journals


Oxford Handbook of Irish English   (Oxford University Press, 2023)

Table of Contents

I A framework for Irish English

1. Irish English in the Anglophone World
     Raymond Hickey

2. Language in Early Ireland
     Patricia Ronan

3. The History of English in Ireland, 1200-1800
     Raymond Hickey

4. Irish English in the Nineteenth Century
     Marije van Hattum

5. Irish-English Bilingualism
     Liam Mac Mathúna

6. Contact between Irish and English
     Raymond Hickey

II Investigating Irish English

7. The Pronunciation of English in Ireland
     Raymond Hickey

8. The Grammar of Irish English
     Markku Filppula

9. The Vocabulary of Irish English
     John Kirk

10. Mid-Ulster English and Ulster Scots
     Warren Maguire

11. Urban English in Northern Ireland
     Raymond Hickey

12. Irish English Corpus Linguistics
     Anne O'Keeffe

13. Irish English in Advertising
     Joan O'Sullivan

14. Irish English in the Media
     Shane Walshe

15. Emigrant Letters (and other Ego-Documents) from Ireland
     Carolina P. Amador-Moreno / Kevin McCafferty

III Irish English in use

16. The Sociolinguistics of Dublin English
     Marion Schulte

17. Irish English in Galway City
     Arne Peters

18. Irish English in Cork City
     Nicola Bessell

19. Irish English and Variational Pragmatics
     Anne Barron

20. Discourse-Pragmatics Markers in Irish English
     Carolina P. Amador-Moreno

21. Politeness Strategies in Irish English
     Elaine Vaughan

22. The Language of Irish Literature in English
     Raymond Hickey

IV Language and the Irish diaspora

23. The Spread of Irish English
     Raymond Hickey

24. From Ireland to Newfoundland
     Sandra Clarke

25. Irish English Influence on Australian English
     Simon Musgrave and Kate Burridge

26. Irish English and New Zealand English
     Dania Bonness

V The wider context

27. Perceptions of Irish English
     Stephen Lucek

28. Acquisition of Irish-English by Recent Migrants
     Chloé Diskin-Holdaway

29. Language and Irish Travellers
     Brian Clancy

30. Ireland's Third Language: Irish Sign language
     Susanne Mohr and Lorraine Leeson