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Sociolinguistics in Ireland

Raymond Hickey

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 420 pages.

The current book offers an overview of all essential matters relating to language and society in Ireland. This includes information on both the English and the Irish languages in Ireland in a holistic sense, i.e. encompassing both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The book is divided into three large sections as follows: I Language and society in contemporary Ireland (6 chapters), II Language and society in Irish history (6 chapters), III Sociolinguistic interfaces (5 chapters). This division is intended to facilitate orientation for diverse readers: those interested in the interaction of social and linguistic factors in present-day Ireland will find this information straight away in the first section, the historical background is then provided in the second for those who wish to delve into the roots of current constellations of language and society. The third section is devoted to additional aspects of the overall theme, e.g. the role of language in film or in translation or literature in Ireland.


I Language and society in contemporary Ireland

1 English in Ireland: development and varieties
    Raymond Hickey

2 The Irish language in present-day Ireland
    Brian Ó Catháin

3 The Irish language and the media
    Iarfhlaith Watson

4 Irish-English code-switching: a sociolinguistic perspective
    Siobhán Ní Laoire

5 The sociolinguistics of language use in Ireland
    Anne Barron and Irina Pandarova

II Language and society in Irish history

6 Language relations in early Ireland
    Patricia Ronan

7 From early modern Ireland to the Great Famine
    Liam Mac Mathúna

8 Language shift and language revival in Ireland
    Regina Uí Chollatáin

9 Language, politics and identity in Ireland: A historical overview
    Tony Crowley

10 Emigrant letters: Exploring the 'grammar of the conquered'
    Kevin McCafferty

11 Society, language and Irish emigration
    Raymond Hickey

III Sociolinguistic interfaces

12 Second language acquisition of Irish and the role of reading
    Tina Hickey and Nancy Stenson

13 The language of Irish writing in English
    Carolina Amador-Moreno

14 Irish society as portrayed in Irish films
    Shane Walshe

15 Translation and society in Ireland 1900-present
    Kathleen Shields

16 Sociolinguistic information and Irish English corpora
    Elaine Vaughan and Brian Clancy

General Bibliography