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Researching the Languages of Ireland

Raymond Hickey

Uppsala: Uppsala University, 2011, 351 pages.

The chapters of this volume are intended to offer a representative cross section of current research on the languages of Ireland, specifically Irish and English with Ulster Scots a significant addition to the latter. The chapters span a considerable range. Those dealing with Irish concern themselves with the history of the language and the classification of Irish, with the acquisition of Irish as a first language and with the syntactic and lexical structure of present-day Irish. The chapters with English as their focus encompass matters such as the use of limited databases for linguistic analysis, questions of language contact, the comparison of Irish English with other varieties, the issue of standard Irish English and the position of Ulster Scots in present-day Ireland.



The Languages of Ireland. An Integrated View
    Raymond Hickey (Essen)


The Designation of Old Irish as a 'Celtic' Language
    Graham Isaac (Galway)

Earthquakes and their Resonances
    Liam Mac Mathúna (Dublin)

Early Language Acquisition in the Celtic Languages
    Séamus Mac Mathúna (Coleraine)

Latin and Latin Learning in Fifteenth-Century Ireland
    Erich Poppe (Marburg)

More on the Origin of Irish and Welsh Continuous Periphrasis
    Patricia Ronan (Lausanne)

On defective verbal nouns in Modern Irish
    Arndt Wigger (Wuppertal)

Gender in Modern Irish
    Raymond Hickey (Essen)


The 'Art of Making the Best Use of Bad Data'
    Karen Corrigan (Newcastle)

Echoes of Irish in the English of Southwest Tyrone
    Una Cunningham (Stockholm)

English Grammar, Celtic Revenge?
    Kevin McCafferty (Bergen)

It-Clefts in Irish English
    Peter Siemund and Kalynda Beal (Hamburg)

The Cultural Context of ICE-Ireland
    John Kirk (Belfast) and Jeffrey L. Kallen (Dublin)

Ulster Scots in Present-day Ireland
    Raymond Hickey (Essen)



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