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Irish English

Special issue of World Englishes (Vol. 36, No. 2)

Ed. Raymond Hickey and Elaine Vaughan

Wiley, 2017


Raymond Hickey and Elaine Vaughan

Irish English in the anglophone world
Raymond Hickey

Irish English in emigrant letters
Kevin McCafferty

The attitudes of recently-arrived Polish migrants to Irish English
Chloé Diskin, Vera Regan

Vague category markers as turn-final items
Elaine Vaughan, Michael McCarthy, Brian Clancy

The speech act of ‘offers’ in Irish English
Anne Barron

The present perfect in Irish English
John Kirk

The representation of Irish English in literature
Carolina Amador-Moreno and Ana Marķa Terrazas

Vernacularization and authenticity in radio advertising in Ireland
Joan Sullivan and Helen Kelly-Holmes

The language of Irish films
Shane Walshe