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Irish Identities

Sociolinguistic Perspectives

Ed. Raymond Hickey and Carolina P. Amador Moreno

de Gruyter Mouton, 2020, c. 430 pages.

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The present volume offers in-depth examinations of the many facets of language and identity in the complex linguistic landscape of Ireland. The position of the heritage language Irish is considered as are the different varieties of English spoken in geographically and socially diverse parts of the island. Language as a vehicle of national and cultural identity is centre-stage as is the representation of identity in various media types and text genres. In addition, the self-image of the Irish as reflected in various self-portrayals and references, e.g. in humorous texts, is dealt with. Identity as an aspect of both public and private life in contemporary Ireland, and its role in the gender interface, is scrutinised in several contributions.

This collection is aimed at both scholars and students interested in language and identity in the multi-layered situation of Ireland, both historically and at present. By addressing general issues surrounding the dynamic and vibrant research area of identity it reaches out to readers beyond Ireland who are concerned with the pivotal role this factor plays in present-day societies.


1. Linguistic identities in ireland - Contexts and issues
Raymond Hickey and Carolina P. Amador Moreno

2. The Irish language and contemporary Irish identity
John Walsh

3. Language identity and historical bilingualism in Ireland
Liam Mac Mathúna

4.Adjusting language identity: Twentieth-century shifts in Irish English pronunciation
Raymond Hickey

5. Migration experiences and identity construction in nineteenth-century Irish emigrant letters
Carolina P. Amador-Moreno and Nancy E. Avila-Ledesma

6. Perceptions of linguistic identity among Irish English speakers
Stephen Lucek and Victoria Garnett

7. Positive evaluative stance and /t/ frication - a sociophonetic analysis of /t/ realisations in Dublin English
Marion Schulte

8. Intimacy and identity in Irish English: A corpus approach
Brian Clancy

9. Salience and stereotypes. The construction of Irish identity in Irish jokes
Shane Walshe

10. ‘It’s gems like this that make me wish I hadn’t left Ireland!’: Humorous representations of Irish English and their role in diasporic identities
Elaine Vaughan and Máiréad Moriarty

11. Constructing identity in radio advertising in Ireland
Joan O’Sullivan

12. ‘These kids don’t even sound ... Irish anymore’: Representing 'new' Irishness in contemporary Irish fiction
Ana Terrazas-Calero

13. Ulster Scots identity in contemporary Northern Ireland
Göran Wolf