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ICE – Ireland

As part of the International Corpus of English project, this corpus has been compiled over a period of more than 10 years. It is a collection of texts which represent fairly standard forms of written Irish English. It has been used for studies by Jeffrey Kallen (Trinity College Dublin) and John Kirk (formerly Queen’s University, Belfast) in recent years. The material is not yet available to the general public, though this is the intention, as set out in the outlines for the entire ICE project. For further information, please contact either of the authors just mentioned.

There is a general website for the entire project on the server of University College London: International Corpus of English

Website for ICE-Ireland (Queen’s University Belfast)

A guide to the ICE-Ireland corpus has been published some years ago:

Kirk, John M. and Jeffrey L. Kallen 2008. ICE-Ireland: A User’s Guide. Belfast: Cló Ollscoil na Banríona.

There is also a pragmatically annotated version of part of ICE-Ireland which has been prepared by John Kirk and called SPICE Ireland. For more information click here.

Studies arising from ICE-Ireland:

Kirk, John M., Jeffrey L. Kallen 2007. ‘ICE-Ireland: local variations on global standards’, in: Joan C. Beal, Karen P. Corrigan and Herman Moisl (eds) Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora: Synchronic Databases. London: Palgrave-Macmillan, pp. 121-162.

Kirk, John M., Jeffrey L. Kallen 2007. ‘Assessing Celticity in a corpus of Irish standard English’, in: Hildegard L. C. Tristram (ed.) The Celtic Languages in Contact. Potsdam: Potsdam University Press, pp. 270-298.

Kirk, John M. and Jeffrey L. Kallen 2011. ‘The cultural context of ICE-Ireland’, in: Raymond Hickey (ed.) Researching the Languages of Ireland. Uppsala: Uppsala University, pp. 269-290.

Kirk, John M., Jeffrey L. Kallen, Orla Lowry and A. Rooney 2004. ‘Issues arising from the compilation of ICE-Ireland’, in Belfast Papers in Language and Linguistics 16: 23-41.

Kirk, John M., Jeffrey L. Kallen, Orla Lowry and A. Rooney in press. ‘The compilation of ICE-Ireland: unity versus diversity’, in Antoinette Renouf and A. Kehoe (eds) The changing face of corpus linguistics (Amsterdam: Rodopi).